It's easy to think about giving money to a good cause or giving a couple canned food items and then walking away. It's a wonderful thing to do. Have you ever stopped to think about that random can of vegetable and where it ends up? It might end up being the only meal a child gets all day. Hunger isn't a one and done problem.
We are all in the same boat in this country as our leaders struggle to figure out how to handle this virus pandemic. Millions are out of work and struggling. The food banks and school systems that help children and their families are being overwhelmed by requests for help.  We are the church! So this is us doing our part to keep that child out there from going hungry. Join us as we strive to make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors right here in our local communities.
This is the Seminole County suggested shopping list for items they are in need of to take care of the kids and families that are in need of assistance.
Click this link to give financially to purchase food for those in need. Remember to select "Revelation Food Drive" as the giving fund.

What is "Revelation Food Drive: Reaching the Children"?

We are being the the church. Families are in need. Children are going hungry. The time to do our part is now. We are collecting non-perishable food items and financial donations to help keep families fed in a time where unemployment is skyrocketing.  Everything collected goes directly to existing food distribution points at schools in our local community. 

How is my donation distributed?

We are partnering with our local school system that distributes food to families in our immediate area. They have told us that at Bear Lake Elementary alone there are at least 50 families that they currently cannot take care of because of the overwhelming need. We are encouraging more physical non-perishable food donations, but any money donated for this cause goes straight to purchasing food items that are on Seminole County's list of suggesting items. All donated and purchased items are taken straight to the school to get to the families that need it.

What can I do to help?

What you can. We are accepting donations of non-perishable food items and financial donations. All money donated goes straight to purchasing food at local stores.
We know not everyone is in a place where they can donate financially or food in large amounts. However, if you have even a single can of food it makes a difference! Remember to think about the other side of your donation. A single can of food means a full stomach for a child in need out there.

Where can I donate?

If you are giving financially you may click the "GIVE" link above and select the "Revelation Food Drive" fund and your donation will be marked to be use exclusively for buy food or items for those in need. Or text the amount and the phrase "revfood" to 407-456-8500.

Non-perishable food items can be brought to the church. 9913 Bear Lake Rd. Apopka, FL 32703. Please call the church office before you come at 407-462-1358 and let us know you're coming so that you can drive right up to the front door and drop off your items on the curb and we will collect them.

Thank you for being the church Christ asked us to be!