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Small Groups @ Revelation Church!

At Revelation Church, sharing life through our community is part of our purpose as a church. We believe God created us to live in the context of relationships with others. Small Groups provide an avenue for spiritual growth, support, outreach and fellowship. They are biblical and deeply spiritual, and the relational dynamic makes them fun and life-giving. Small groups are now closed but stay tuned for our spring small group session!

Revelation Cyclers
This small group is back! Join Revelation Cyclers and see the world! Or at least long stretches of central Florida as you explore the wonderful trails located all around the area. Stops often include coffee shops local sandwich shops.
The old saying is "iron sharpens iron". It's no different when men gather to lift and build each other up with the word of God. That is exactly what Iron Men is all about! Be a part of this small group and be elevated and supported with the fellowship of other men of God.
Retreat and Eat!
Another return small group, this one is about taking the time with friends and getting to know your church family. As well as finding new spots and hidden gems to have that time and of course enjoy wonderful meals! 
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