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Open House groups are a once a month gathering in a believers homes to pray and edify God while sharing a meal. It's how we go through life together. Why wouldn't you want a group of Godly people to cheer us on and build us up? 
This goes beyond just us. Open Houses are a place to bring people from outside of the church such as neighbors, coworkers, people you run into at the grocery store. These people are not in your circle of influence by accident. Invite them over for dinner and watch the conversations that open up. Watch how many opportunities you will have to plant the Word of God in their lives. Guaranteed it will bless your life as well as theirs.

Whats makes Open Houses different? Peace, Eat, Pray and Proclaim. In Luke 10 Jesus describes what should take place when you gather in a home and Open Houses follow His words. 
There are themes laid out for each month and a handout to go along with them. Those themes bring direction and unity to all of the Open Houses meeting that month. One month may be about faith and the next may be overcoming obstacles. All things to keep us fueled up for our daily walks with God in life. These theme also provide an avenue to get you thinking about that coworker or neighbor that you know is having a hard time with something and you know they would be so blessed to hear some encouraging words.

Ekklecia is all about going into the marketplace. So the vision is reaching the lost. The mission is

Sound simple enough? Jesus always meant for it to be.
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