First Step

A 2 day, over 2 weeks, class giving an introduction to the foundations of Christianity and our beliefs as a church. The basic breakdown is...
  • Authority - Our authority in Jesus Christ that we carry with us everyday.
  • Generational - Breaking off the dirt and sin that can handed down to us.
  • Giving - Giving as a sacrifice, a form of worship and obedience to God. Not a guilt trip.
  • Ekklesia - Where 2 or more are gathered in God's name, heavens authority reigns in that place. 

Going Deeper

This is where we build disciples for Christ. If you want to go to another level in your understanding of the Bible and your Christianity then do not miss out on this course. It is 13 weeks of deep diving into the Word of God. You will come out empowered and armed to not only be on firm ground(hence FOUNDATIONS) in your own life and family but also equipped to fulfill God's ultimate request of all believers, which is to go after the lost.